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Adrasan is a town of Antalya. It is in 80km distance from the city centre. You can reach Adrasan after a 1.5h journey from Antalya.

If you are travelling by your own car,you will come to Antalya after you make your entrence to Turkey.Then you will follow the route to Kemer.Passing Kemer,YoU will also pass Tekirova,and you will see the signs of Olympos,and çavuskoy(ADRASAN).you will see a 20 km_ed asphalt road,follow it until you see the square of ADRASAN.After turning left from the gendarmerie center and go straight ahead about 2 kms. İt will be enough to reach us turning left again from the plain tree and the mosque.

If you are traveling by plane or by bus, you will come to Antalya after you make your entrence to Turkey.When you get off your bus at the bus station you will see the station of the towns.In that station you will find Adrasan Tour. there are services to adrasan two tımes every day at summer.when you come adrasan wıth thıs adrasan tour ,you must say only that ''ı want to go down ın Rahmi’s.Then the tour drıver will leave you ın front of our hostel Rahmi’s

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