Our hostel is open only for guests respecting environment and having consciousness of it.we wait friends reading and producing.we believe that there is no humanity in an individual being deprived of environment love.we exist in this exclusive geography hiding our centuries old inheritance to prove that living areas can continue their existence without damaging the natural environment.you will see that there are some alternatives to our country’s concreting process.there are chaise longs and sunshades in our coast band that you can use for free.we are at the point where sea and forest meet.all our acoomodation units are made of trunk.our architectural and surroundings complete each other.there are accomodation units with 20 different width and all with bath and balcony.moreover,we’ve basketball and volleyball fields and physical fitness area.we’re on the way of historical LIKYA ROAD.we provide our costumers,if wanted,with trekkings,ship tours etc.. there are a lot of sitting areas in different shapes and if our guests want they can grill in any way.

♦ Free breakfast
♦ 30 room (bathroom, WC, air conditioning)
♦ Close to beach
♦ Restaurant , bar, living room, garden
♦ laundry
♦ Reception
♦ Free Wifi
♦ Free car park
♦ Tent, caravan area

Rahmis Tree Houses

While you’re breathing the unique smell of sea iodine richened by forest oxygen,you’ll hear trees silent scream and feel the historical anatolian atmosphere.Adrasan Cove,with its unpolluted and alive blueness,is like a place from heaven …in our hostel our guests can behave just like at home and use our kitchen.Our hostel is self-service.

Breakfast,five o’clock tea,diner and cold water(all day long) is free for our guests.we’re excited to have a chance to show Adrasan’s exlusive geography to our guests with our 4000 squaremeter business.